Use Wood Planks to Make Gorgeous Rustic Walls in Your Home

Are you trying to add a bit more character to your walls? If so, why not do something a little more unique, such as adding wood planks to your walls? Doing so will help to create a rustic atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming. The following are a few tips for putting up planks on your walls:

Rustic Bedroom via Houzz

You can choose planks that are even in width or mix up the widths for a more eclectic look, but it’s more effective to choose thinner planks for this project.  Make sure your planks clean and sand part of them as well – although don’t sand them too much or else you’ll get rid of that rustic look.  Before you begin installation, paint the wall you’re going to put them on. There will probably be some gaps and holes between the planks, and you don’t want white showing through.

When installing the planks, begin from the top and work your way down. Once you put down a line of planks, start the next line from the other side so that the seams don’t line up.

These are a few tips to use for adding planks to your walls. Contact us at Schutte Lumber today to find wood in Kansas City.