Wood Reduces Carbon Footprint of the Building Industry

Unlike steel and concrete which release gases but cannot absorb any, wood has a two-way flow of carbon dioxide. Constructing with steel and concrete adds to our greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the production of steel and concrete materials uses enormous amounts of energy.

If architects and construction companies used more wood, we could reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.  Just like trees store carbon dioxide in their trunks and leaves, carbon dioxide could be stored in floor joists and plywood panels.

According to Carbon Management studies on the impact of building materials on the environment, if we started using engineered wood for floor joists rather than steel, we could prevent the emission of 10 tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of wood used.

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Information courtesy of the Discovery News article “Clean Living: Build with Wood” by Tim Wall.

Photo courtesy of Pakorn on Photostock.