Which Nail Works for Which Job?

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Most of us have a jar of nails hidden away in the junk drawer that gets pulled out whenever we need to hang a picture or do a simple household repair. But  how do you know if you are using the correct nail for the job?

Here are three of most versatile nails that  you should always have on hand.

  • Finishing Nails. These nails have a small head and are used primarily for interior projects. Care needs to be taken when hammering into place so the surrounding wood isn’t damaged.
  • Roofing Nails. A short, squat nail with a dull finish and a relatively large head,  roofing nails are galvanized, meaning they are coated with rust-resistant zinc, making them ideal for exterior use.
  • Common Nails. A nail that is used for its holding ability not for its aesthetics is considered a common nail. These nails are longer and have a smaller head than roofing nails and are made from very durable wire to lessen the changes of bending and twisting.

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