FSC Socially Responsible Forestry, Pt. 1

The FSC takes many factors into consideration before certifying any type of lumber with its seal. One such factor includes policies that are respectful toward the indigenous communities who inhabit the land where the lumber is being harvested.

The FSC provides policy guidance that interprets the national and sub-national standards in simplified terms. These help to guide decision makers on how to approach projects involving forest communities. The FSC also upholds the recognition of the human rights of indigenous peoples; according to policy, the FSC does not associate with “organizations that are directly or indirectly involved in unacceptable activities, including the violation of traditional and human rights in forestry and forest-products operations.”

The FSC brings industry members and forest community representatives together to review and revise the FSC Principles and Criteria. Meetings were held in Latin America, Europe, Canada, African, and Asia between 2008 and February 2011. During the meetings, attendees reviewed the 10 Principals of the FSC with special emphasis on Principal 3.

Human rights should not be compromised for the financial benefit of others. Schutte Lumber proudly distributes FSC certified lumber. For information on our products, call 816.892.3398 or visit schuttelumber.com.

Source and Image: FSC.org