Wood of the Month: Southern Yellow Pine

Southern yellow pine, the name for 10 species of conifer, is found most prevalently in the southern and south Atlantic states. Growing almost twice as fast as the average hardwood, southern yellow pine can be harvested in a short as 40 years. Most southern yellow pine species are similar in appearance with white yellowish sapwood and reddish brown heartwood. These pine trees typically grow over 160 feet tall and up to 5 feet wide.

Its earliest applications include shipbuilding, railroad construction and bridge construction. Today, the availability and cost effectiveness of southern yellow pine has made it a popular wood for interior trim, flooring, outdoor decking, plywood, furniture and other construction. Furniture pieces that are popular to build out of pine are desks, armoires and cabinetry.

Southern yellow pine flooring

Historic Antique Federal-Style Becomes Bright and Roomy with R traditional

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Source: Woodworking Network
Top photo via Woodworking Network
Bottom photo by Mary Prince via Houzz