3 Fun Projects to Use Up Your Wood Scraps

If you have some leftover wood scraps from a recent renovation project, don’t just toss them! Consider using them for smaller projects. Not only is it more environmentally-friendly to do so, you can actually make some useful items! The following are three projects that we recommend for using your wood scraps:

  • woodworking projects
    Source: Flickr

    Mason Jar Wall Planter – Pick up three mason jars for every planter you want to build. Fill them with soil and a seedling of your choice. Screw clamps into a wooden board that will hold the jars, then nail the board to the wall.

  • Key Rack – This is probably the easiest thing to make. Get a piece of wood that’s around 10 inches wide and three inches high. This will be good for about three keys. Nail three nails into the board, attaching it to the wall. Leave some space on the nails so you can hang your keys off the heads.
  • Trivet – Make a square piece of wood and simply use it to keep hot pots and pans from damaging your tables or countertops.

Use your scraps for these three projects and contact us at Schutte Lumber for your Kansas City lumber needs.