A Handmade Coat Rack is a Great Addition to a Foyer

Looking for a foyer coat rack that doesn’t require holes in the drywall? It only takes a few spare hours and a little bit of skill to build a wonderful handcrafted standing coat rack perfect for any size foyer or front hallway.

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    Source: Flickr

    First select a good sturdy wood such as oak. The last thing you want are for the hooks to pull free after a couple of uses. You can easily have the main pieces of wood sized or use a table or circular saw to cut them yourself.

  • Then, with a miter saw, carefully cut out the base pieces so they securely fit together. Helpful hint: trace the curve of a quarter to help get a perfect rounded corner.
  • Using a drill, wood glue, and clamps, join the post and the two base feet together. Lightly sand the entire rack and then paint, stain or leave natural. Add coat hooks and you’re done.

That’s all it takes! Now you have a gorgeous and practical coat rack you can proudly say you made.

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