A North Carolina Craftsman Combines Passions for Music & Woodworking

lumberyard kansas cityRecently published in the local North Carolina publication Hickory Daily Recorda Morganton woodworker shares his story of how he became an award winning player and craftsman of dulcimer instruments. Alan Darveaux was first introduced to the dulcimer while in a folk group at his Kentucky college, and it was love at first sight.

“I immediately took it up,” Darveaux said of his captivation with the stringed instrument. “I was woodworking as an avocation anyway so I took my efforts to making dulcimers . . . Whatever direction you step in Darveaux’s home, there’s a piece of wooden artwork.”

Originally from Connecticut, Darveaux relocated to North Carolina purely to travel around the mountains and learn about the dulcimer from traditional Appalachian musicians and woodworkers. Since then he has become not only an award-winning player of the dulcimer, but he has also handcrafted over 100 teardrop and hourglass dulcimers.

Today, Darveaux travels to festivals to sell his dulcimers to established musicians who are in the market for their second or third dulcimer. Learn more about Darveaux’s passion for dulcimer music and woodworking by visiting the article at HDR online.


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Photo by Prayitno