Don't Toss That Scrap Wood! It Can Help You Drill Better Holes

If you’ve ever worked with wood before, then odds are you’ve ended up with some scrap wood towards the end of your project. Most people will simply toss those scrap pieces of wood away. However, if you work with wood on a regular basis, or even on a semi-regular basis, then you should keep that scrap wood – you can actually use it to help you drill better holes in future projects.

wood scraps
Source: Flickr

It can sometimes be difficult to drill straight holes. It’s not hard to accidentally drill a hole at an angle, thereby making your wood project much less precise. You want your holes to be drilled as precisely as possible so that you have no issues with your workmanship. One way that you can do this is by taking two 1×2 pieces of scrap wood and nailing them together in order to form a right angle – making sure that they are true and square. Then position your drill bit tight into the corner of the angle of the jig in order to drill a straight hole.

Use your scrap wood to help drill straighter holes. For more woodworking tips, be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber today.