Adding Value to Your Home with Baseboards

We’ve recently discussed the difference between bead boarding and wainscotting and how both types of wood detailing can add character to your home.  Another great way to add value to your home is through baseboards.  Whether your live in an older home with baseboards that have seen better days or have a room in your home with no baseboards at all, you will be amazed about the positive impact that new base boards will have on a room.  Kiplinger says that updating the interior wood detailing in your home is one of the 8 DIY projects to add value to a home.

You don’t need to have baseboards in every room of your home; however, they do help to give your home a finished look.  At the very least, you will want to have fresh baseboards throughout the first level of your home.  This Old House offers simple step-by-step instructions to install baseboards in your home.  To help make this DIY project easier, stop by Schutte Lumber for all of your wood product needs.


(Image via Pinterest)