Be Careful With the Wood Scraps You Put in Your Fireplace

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It would just make sense that whenever you have wood left over from home improvement projects, you store it for burning in the fireplace when the weather turns cooler. But depending on the type and age of wood, that might not be the best idea.

  • Never burn painted or treated wood as harmful toxins can be released, easily making your entire family very ill.
  • Before burning recycled or salvaged wood remove any nails, screws or staples.
  • Ripe or dry hardwoods like oak or maple burn hotter and cleaner. Less residue is produced and the build-up of creosote isn’t as great.
  • Let your fireplace wood season for at least six months, or even a year or longer if possible. When wet or green wood is burned, more airborne pollution is created.
  • Whether you have a fireplace, woodstove or firepit, make sure you know how to operate the damper (if applicable), clean the ashes out on a regular basis and have the chimney professionally inspected annually.

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