What is the Right Screw for Your Project?

Knowing what screw to use for your specific project can cut cost, minimize the need for renovations and improve durability and longevity in your structure.

Machine Screws are threaded along the entire shaft and can be used in conjunction with a nut. Machine Screws work best in pre-drilled holes since they do not create their own hole by boring into the wood. Their tips are flat, not pointed.

Wood Screws, as their name would imply, are best for wood and wood composites. The shaft of the screw is threaded part way and has a tapered point that allows a strong grip into wood fibers.

Countersunk Slot-Head Screws are also good for wood working, particularly when installing hinges and cabinetry where the screw must be flush with the wood. The head of each screw is flat with angled sides.

Sheet Metal Screws (or self-tapping screws) are pointed and fully threaded from the point to the base of the head. They work well for metal as well as fiberglass, wood, and wood composites.

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Source: ehow

Image by Graeme Weatherston