Be Safe When You Use That Router Table

woodworking safety
Source: Pinterest

Router bits are relatively small and don’t seem like they could do a lot of damage; however, using a router improperly could result in an injury. Follow these basic tips to keep safe when using your router table.

  •  Always wear safety glasses when operating a table router, even if you’re just making a quick change. You should also protect your ears if you spend more than a minute or two at your router table.
  • Use a piece of featherboard to support the stock that you are cutting, especially if it is a large piece.
  • Always use push blocks to keep your hands a safe distance from the router bits at work. This rule applies even if you’re making one simple cut.
  • Avoid making heavy cuts and climb-cuts, which can cause kickback from your router. These types of cuts make injury more likely over time.
  •  Never ever start your router with the bit in contact with the stock. Always start the router before positioning the stock using push blocks and featherboard if necessary.

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