Using Brackets to Add Design Interest to a Home

wood bracket
Brackets can add character to the exterior of your home

Brackets are an easy, affordable way to add some spice to your home’s design, in any room you like. Our Kansas City lumberyard at Schutte Lumber has a big selection of brackets and millwork, particularly knife blade pattern brackets.

Kitchen shelving sometimes gets neglected, especially in smaller kitchens.  But installing shelves on an empty wall, even if they’re short and simple, will add a lot of character to your kitchen.

By choosing elegant knife blade brackets, and painting them the same shade as the shelves, you’ll create a focal point for the kitchen (and more storage space).  Using brackets to support a shelf over a wall mirror—like in a guest bedroom—will make the room look a little larger and elegant, and feel more private. Another place to consider brackets is around your fireplace. Installing a mantelpiece can be done in a day, and will class up the living room. Dentil, crown or decorative molding are all good choices for the mantelpiece.

Brackets also work well on your home’s exterior; supporting the roof on a house with wood siding has been a crucial function of brackets for hundreds of years. They also look great as a decorative framework under your garage’s awning. Choose Schutte Lumber for your woodworking needs!

Have you found any other creative ways to use brackets in a home design? Share your ideas with us in the comment space below.


image via Schutte Lumber