Best Woods For Building Cabinets Pt. 2

Stunning cherry wood cabinets

In our previous post, we discussed the best inexpensive woods for building cabinetry. If your price point is more flexible, take a look at these quality woods that offer beauty, durability, and versatility.

Walnut and cherry woods are valued for their durability, strength, and smooth grains. They boast rich natural color that is  beautiful alone and also brings out the undertones in many types of marble and granite furnishing.

While walnut and cherry wood paint well, painting really is a waste of such stunning  (and expensive) wood! On thing to keep in mind is that cherry darkens over time and walnut lightens with age; this is important if you plan to coordinate these woods with floors of a different species, or when selecting a paint color for the adjacent walls.

Schutte Lumber distributes a variety of premium woods for your cabinetry, as well as exotic hardwoods for flooring. Contact one of our experts to determine which wood is right for you,  888.470.4181.

Source: www.realsimple.com

Image by Dru Bloomfield