DIY How to Build a Wall Shelf

Wall shelves are all the craze these days. And why wouldn’t they be? Easy to install, they take up no floor space, yet offer all the convenience of a traditional shelf. In addition, wall shelves are become a staple in interior design.

And though it is possible to buy floating wall shelves from discount design stores like IKEA, building your own isn’t that difficult. You custom wall shelves can be built to your exact specifications, as well the finish that complements your room best. No more compromising on color or shape or design.

To build your own wall shelving units, you need less than a day’s time and about a handful of supplies. The best part of building your own shelves is that in one go, you can build wall shelves for all the rooms you need them for and still make them uniquely different to each room.

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Image via motiqonline.com