Build Your Own Shutters for a Customized Home

If you’re building a lot of the elements of your home on your own, then one of the things that you can build for your home are its shutters. Shutters are a great way to add another level of protection to your home as well as help improve its energy efficiency and curb appeal at the same time. The following are a few tips for building your own shutters:

Traditional Exterior by Northfield Design-Build Firms Orren Pickell Building Group via Houzz
  • Make measurements – Measure the window between its side casings and divide the number by 2. Subtract 1/2 an inch for clearance and you’ll have the measurements for the shutter’s width. For the height, measure the length between the head casing and the sill and subtract 1/2 an inch for clearance.
  • Cut your pieces – To figure out how wide the pieces should be, take your width measurement and subtract 1/8 of an inch for each gap, then divide by the number of boards you want to use. Then cut your boards to these measurements.
  • Make the dadoes – Use a saw blade to make your dadoes for the battens.

Finally, just assemble the shutters with wood glue and screws. For wood for construction projects in Kansas City, contact us at 816-753-6262