Build Your Own Sustainable Wood Countertop

If you follow kitchen and bath trends, then you know wood countertops are one of the latest looks for these area of the home. Schutte Lumber can help you select the right wood to create a natural, organic feel in your kitchen or bath. Our lumber products is FSC certified and can be customized to your specifications, so you’ll end up with a sustainable, one-of-a-kind wood countertop.

Image via countryliving.com

There are so many design choices with wood countertops to explore such as wood species, stains and finishes, edges, and grains. We recommend choosing a durable hardwood such as maple or oak at a thickness of at least 1.5 inches, and up to 3 inches, for your wood countertop. While you’re at Schutte Lumber, remember to pick up Penofin penetrating oil wood finish, which is formulated to enhance and protect the natural beauty of any variety of wood. We recommend Penofin Verde for an eco-friendly finish.

Once you  have chosen the look you want, gather your materials, and get started on your woodworking project using these step-by-step instructions. Check out more of our woodworking projects.