Building a Deck – Think Redwood

Redwood decks have long been prized for their beauty, but did you know they are an environmentally sound choice for decking material? According to the California Redwood Association “Roughly 90 percent of product-producing redwood forests are certified sustainable under FSC or SFI, and all redwood products come from California. When you choose redwood, you’re choosing natural wood from sustainable forests.”

If you are looking for a carefree deck, redwood is your answer. You can practically ignore redwood and it maintains its beauty and structural integrity.  A wooden deck also adds value to your home investment according to U.S.News, “Homeowners who add a wooden deck to their properties recoup on average nearly 81 percent of the project’s cost when they sell the home”.

For more ideas on using redwood and to download project plans visit the California Redwood Association and be inspired by their gallery of projects or call Schutte Lumber Company at 816-753-6262 for more information.