Celebrate Spring by Building a Plant Shelf

If you like building things around the house then your creative juices probably start flowing when the weather warms up at the beginning of spring. While woodworking ideas are easy to find, a simple plant shelf can be one of the best things to build for your home this spring. Use these tips from Schutte Lumber Co. to make sure your shelf is built the right way:

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    Figure out where your plant shelf will go. Near a kitchen in the window is an ideal spot, but you might want to consider putting it outside on your deck.

  • Decide on the size of your plant shelf. Take into account doors and cabinets that need to opened and closed periodically if the shelf is placed inside your home.
  • Pick a type of wood for your plant shelf. Durable woods that look good without a lot of treatment like redwood plank are ideal for plant shelves. If you have a more contemporary home you might want to consider a porous wood that can easily be painted to match your decor.

Contact Schutte Lumber Co. for more information and woodworking ideas for the spring season.