Choosing a Crown Moulding Pattern

Make your house feel like home by finishing off your walls with crown moulding, an easy and rewarding weekend project that you can do inside. First, you will need to choose a moulding pattern. Schutte Lumber has 1,500 custom mouldings available, with a great selection of white pine and red oak mouldings for that warm and inviting look of real wood.

Don’t let all the options overwhelm, though. Our staff can assist in selecting a unique moulding pattern at a price point that works for you. On the other hand, if you have a design in mind, we can custom build mouldings as well as arches and brackets to your specifications in any variety of wood species at our on-site mill.

Choose from crown moulding patterns with ornate or simple designs such as these:

Ornate crown moulding


Simple crown moulding


Once you have made your selection, you can install the crown moulding yourself.