Construction is Expected to Improve in 2014

wood working projects
Source: Flickr

There is a growing trend of construction that is expected in 2014, and Kansas City lumber is expected to play a large part in that growth.

As one of the best in green building materials, themselves in ever increasing demand, wood is going to play a significant role in the overall growth in US new construction predicted to happen in 2014. With estimates of 9% growth, this is a huge amount of additional work for contractors and a heavy increase in demand on wood. Since the 5% increase in nationwide construction that has been projected to the end of 2013 comprises hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new buildings, the amount of wood required is astounding.

Since Kansas City and its surrounding areas are a robust and quickly growing area, this means that local lumber is set to be in high demand, as will be the skills of those who can effectively work with wood. The predicted level of single family housing will be as high as 26% higher than the previous year in 2014, a massive increase that will tax the entire housing construction industry.

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