Know the Requirements of Your Woodcraft Project Before Picking the Wood

choosing the right wood
Knowing what your woodworking project requires will help you choose the perfect wood. ©iStockphoto.com/unica_asi

Choosing the right craft wood to work with is just as important as planning out your project before you get started. The wrong wood can result in costly errors, not to mention that the wrong wood may be a more expensive, higher quality wood that wasn’t necessary for the project you are doing. This is why knowing the requirements of your project is a must before you choose your wood.

Start with whether your project will be meant for indoors or outdoors. If you are planning a wood project that will be used outside, you’ll need to use wood that can resist moisture since moisture is one of the biggest killers of wood. A species of wood such as teak or cedar is a good option for an outdoor project – but you’ll also want to add a good finish in order to protect it even more.

If you are going to paint the project, avoid using oak. Choose a cheaper wood like poplar or spruce, as they’ll be less likely to soak up the paint and require fewer coats. However, for the same reason they’re great for painting, poplar and spruce aren’t good options for a stain finish.  For projects you intend to stain, oak or another a wood that will soak it up evenly is worth the investment.

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