Earthy Designs with Wood Flooring and Paneling

Let’s take a break from the workshop and look at some inspiring designs highlighting the natural beauty of wood. We checked Kansas City Home and Gardens to see what interior designs using lots of wooden elements have graced the pages of the magazine. One KCH&G article really stood out to us as it features the interior of a landscape designer’s home completely inspired by her love for the outdoors. Take a look at how she incorporated various types of lumber in her home to create a refined, rugged look that’s both comfortable and inviting.

A rich Mahogany was used to make a creative star design on the living room floor which matches the wooden trim lining the ceiling.

The wooden staircase was handled uniquely with complementing brick accents that accentuate the spiral effect. 

Instead of an ordinary headboard in the master bedroom, the back wall was covered with thin, rich-colored wood panels that give the room a warm and rustic feel. 

Combining different types of wood are a great way to vary colors and textures in your home. For the best selection of exotic hardwoods and softwoods in Kansas City, come visit the Schutte Lumber showroom and lumberyard at 3001 Southwest Boulevard.