Easy Woodcraft Projects to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

woodworking projects
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If you’re looking for some woodworking projects to do with your kids this summer, we’ve got a few right here, some easy, some more advanced:

  • A small wood bench can be made from a few cut boards (adults should use the jigsaw or handsaw for this), kids can do the smaller cuts for lap joints, and they can do the nailing and screwing.  Read the full project details here.
  • A small box is another good woodworking project for kids,with adequate adult supervision. Even kids as young as seven or eight can learn a lot from this project.
  • Skateboard racks and whiffle balls are slightly more advanced; see their project details here, and several more good summer projects too.

At Schutte Lumber we’re proud to be a Kansas City lumberyard with roots in our community. We invite you to browse our website for the wood and tools you’ll need for these projects.