Exotic Hardwoods At Schutte Lumber

Schutte Lumber has just restocked its cut-off bins with exotic hardwoods that are perfect for home projects in need of a special touch. Just look at these interesting pieces ready to be shaped into beautiful furniture, cabinets, flooring, and artwork!

Wenge is a beautiful carving wood that has chocolate and charcoal bands of color. It is used for furniture, paneling and turning and even flooring. It machines and carves well and takes a nice finish.

Andiroba, also called Royal or Brazilian Mahogany, is a light mahogany color, machines well, and can be worked with hand tools.

Purpleheart is a very hard wood that ranges in color from bright purple to mahogany brown. It is generally used as an inlay or an accent wood. It can be difficult to work but the beautiful color makes it worth the effort.

African Mahogany is a reddish brown wood that is finishes well and is easy to work with. It can have a lustrous, shimmery finish and is often used in cabinetry, musical instrument or for veneers.

Genuine Mahogany is the “true” mahogany, and is reddish brown to a deep red. It is an outstanding wood to work with and is frequently used for fine furniture, turning, musical instruments and boat building.