Get Your Lumber from Schutte Lumber Before Starting Your Project

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We all know the feeling. You begin a construction problem and something goes wrong. You can’t find the materials you need, a number of boards need to be returned just when it’s time to use them, or the cost begins to skyrocket. You can avoid these potential pitfalls by pre-staging your project and buying your lumber before you begin.

Pre-staging allows you to:

  • Be prepared: Pre-staging your project is a great way to ensure you have everything you need for the work. Gather all of your materials in one place and use a project checklist to make sure you have all of your bases covered.
  • Catch problems early: By pre-staging you’ll discover if any materials are discontinued or out of stock. You will also have time to inspect each piece of lumber for quality and return any pieces that are unusable.
  • Complete the project on time: Completing your projects on time can be difficult. One oversight, unforeseen problem, or construction issue can delay completion. Pre-staging can help alleviate some of these possible delays.

Schutte Lumber is proud to have been a premier Kansas City lumberyard since 1880. Come visit our showroom today to learn about pre-staging your next project.