Handy Tip to Make Wall Framing Easier

When building a wall, framing your wall properly is incredibly important. The last thing you want is a wall that wasn’t framed correctly. The following are a few tips to help make framing your wall a much easier task:

wood for construction projects
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First of all, the studs on your wall should be placed equidistant from one another. The standard for this is 16 inches on the center, which means that the center of every 2×4 wall stud should be 16 inches from the next one. You’ll want to use this standard due to the fact that building materials have been designed to fit into that space, such as medicine cabinets or insulation.

You’ll need a measuring tape, a pencil and a framing square. Align the top and bottom plate ends together. Measure 15 ¼ inches to the side of your first stud placement. Every corresponding measurement needs to be ¾ an inch shy of the stud marks on your tape measure.

Follow these tips in order to ensure that you are framing your wall properly so that you can fit standard building materials. Be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber today if you need wood for construction projects in Kansas City.