How To Make Sure Home Remodeling Pays Off

Image via ocfp.com

Home remodeling can be a great investment, allowing homeowners to get more out of their current living space and increasing the value of the home. With the popularity of remodeling projects such as adding a backyard deck or porch, upgrading kitchen cabinets and countertops, etc., how can you be sure your home remodeling projects pay off? CNN Money has 6 rules for ensuring remodeling success:

  1. Repairs get the biggest returns.
  2. Remodeling beats adding on.
  3. Eco-friendly upgrades can save cash.
  4. Tech infrastructure trumps cool gadgets.
  5. Let the Joneses be your guide.
  6. The new payback time is 5 years.

Check out the complete article for details on each of these tips for remodeling success, and ask Schutte Lumber Company in Kansas City about any remodeling questions you have by leaving a comment below.