3 Common Myths About Crown Molding

Schutte Lumber Co.
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Whether the lines are sleek and modern or detailed and elegant, crown molding adds a finishing touch to every room in a home. Another benefit: people take notice of crown molding instantly.

Still, a few unfortunate myths continue to surround this stylish accent, including:

  • Myth: Crown molding is expensive. In fact, crown molding is surprisingly affordable, whether it’s crafted of wood or polyurethane. A living room of average size often can be outfitted with crown molding for several hundred dollars, and that’s an investment that will pay future dividends.
  • Myth: Crown moldings are suited only to rooms or entryways with high ceilings. In fact, crown molding can make any area seem taller than it actually is by virtue of drawing the eye upward.
  • Myth: Crown moldings should be white for greatest effect. In fact, crown moldings should be painted or stained to match doors and trim in a home, no matter what their color. White crown moldings are abundant, but so are those in a rainbow of other colors.

At Schutte Lumber Co., we’re big fans of crown molding because we know they add beauty and style to a home at an affordable cost. For design ideas, call us today.