How To Select and Protect Wood Lumber

Image via atlantahomeimprovement.com

When properly selected and cared for, wood lumber is just as durable and easy to maintain as the latest engineered product. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing composites, you can enjoy the look of real wood by following some simple strategies to keep it looking its best:

  • Keep moisture away from wood materials prior to building by storing indoors such as in a basement or outdoor shed.
  • Some types of wood are better suited for outdoor use such as teak and pressure-treated lumber.
  • Protect wood structures such as decks from rain and moisture by placing near overhangs and sealing with a deep-penetrating preservative such as Penofin, which is available in eco-friendly formulas.

Some of the consequences of not protecting wood lumber from moisture intrusion are decay, color fading, raised grain, and mildew. Decks and other outdoor wood lumber projects will have to be resealed and maintained to prevent damage over time.

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