Using Burl Wood in Your Designs

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Image via Flickr

Burl wood is obtained from abnormal growths on some trees, often resulting from attacks by some fungus or insects. This type of wood is rare and has high artistic value due to its unique ring patterns and color tones. You can incorporate burl wood into a variety of woodworking ideas for your designs.

Burl wood furniture adds a great amount of aesthetic value to your interiors. The wood’s natural beauty can be brought out if the furniture is only covered in clear varnish, or even not covered at all. A walnut burl dining set or book-shelf adds a sense of luxury to the design. The furniture can also be combined with contemporary amenities and accessories to add to that luxurious touch.

Burl wood floors are another great idea. The unusual patterns in the wood make it difficult for wood-working, but the end result is a unique floor that is guaranteed to last for a long time. You can also incorporate the wood in ceilings, doors, windows or even sculptures for both interiors and exteriors.

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