How Wood Walls Can Warm Up Your Home

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Source: Flickr

Whether the deep, dark tones of mahogany or the bright, lively shine of knotted pine, there’s no doubt that the color and texture of wood adds a warmth to any room it touches. Here are just a few ways to incorporate this wonderful material into your home décor:

  • Accent Wall – From traditional through mid-modern to contemporary, a wood-covered accent wall makes an excellent complement to an décor. Don’t just rely on flush walls however. Also consider inset and extended ones as well.
  • Floating Divider – One of the most dramatic uses of wood involves creating a room divider made of wood that is held in place by four, almost invisible, metal rods. With the right lighting, the impression is left that the wall is just floating in space.
  • Matched Ceiling and Floor – Somewhat unconventional this use of wood is gaining in popularity with interior designers. Pick your wood carefully, however, as it tends to dominate the room.

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