Katz Road Show, May 27

The Katz Road Show is almost here! Join us for an exhibition of craftsmanship on Friday, May 27, 2011.

The Katz Road Show strives to preserve the integrity of the woodworking industry across America by providing hands-on clinics for professionals. The show formed as a response to changes in the industry: schools rarely offer woodworking classes or apprenticeships for youth. Companies are losing profits due to unnecessary errors in material orders and price estimates. Poor building practices and undereducated builders are damaging the respect of hardworking woodworkers everywhere. All of this in addition to new technologies that require special training that may be hard to come by make the Katz Roadshow a necessity.

One solution is the Katz Road Show that helps professionals take their craft to the next level. Founder Gary Kratz has created a series of demonstrations and interactive exhibits for attendees. The “Frame to Finish” clinics with Mike Sloggatt take woodworkers through the building process from start to finish. This year’s session will be on waterproof windows and doors, porch problems and durable decorative trim. Visit the website for a full list of events.

Source and Image: Katz Road Show