Is it Ever Better to Use Glue Instead of Nails?

When many people think of woodworking projects they’re going to take on at home they start to make a mental list of what they’ll need. In most cases, that list is going to include nails to fasten pieces of wood together. However, nails may not always be the answer for your  project, and there could be times when glue-like adhesives will serve you best.

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    Glues can be helpful for bonding materials when a project requires more than just wood. For example, items like insulation and firring strips can’t be attached to wood properly using nails.

  • Adhesives like mastics can be used to join plywood panels to floor joists. That can help to eliminate those squeaky floors you have around your home – a common problem in older houses.
  • Some types of glue can be ideal for very cold environments and outdoor projects where the wood is going to be exposed to heavy rain or snow. Newer types of adhesives are even made to help wood stay together when it freezes during a very cold winter without the joints separating.

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