Jigsaws Are One of the Best Tools to Start Woodworking

If you’re just starting out in your woodworking hobby, then one essential tool you’ll want to get a hold of is a jigsaw. The jigsaw allows you to make incredibly precise cuts, whether straight or curved, and is easy for anyone to use, no matter how much experience you may have.

woodworking tips
Source: Flickr

Jigsaws are used by both woodworking hobbyists and professionals. They are also a great way to introduce yourself to the use of power tools. A jigsaw works much quicker and more efficiently than hand saws and hacksaws, thereby helping to save both time and energy.

It can also be used to cut plywood and pine boards, something that band saws or circular saws are often used for – and this is despite it’s small size. The jigsaw also has a huge advantage over these other power tools. Unlike band saws or circular saws, you can begin cutting in the middle of a board using a jigsaw. There also perfect for smaller workspaces since they can be easily stored on a shelf or in a closet.

A jigsaw is a tool that you should definitely have. Be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber for additional woodworking tips today.