Literary Lumber: Architectural Bookshelves

This bookshelf is built into the staircase, or vice-versa.

Schutte Lumber supplies retailers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with wholesale lumber at great prices. If you’re constructing an office or study, or if you just want a new home for your book collection, check out these interesting designs.

The Stair Bookshelves: This multi-purpose design is great for tight spaces. Unite a lower level with a loft or simply create a multiple-level bookshelf with attached stairs instead of using a rolling library ladder. In either case, Stair Bookshelves create storage space for books and trinkets while adding vertical interest to designs.

Rafter Shelves: Exposed rafters are a beautiful design component within themselves. They also create a natural storage space for books, albums, and knickknacks. Add a horizontal shelf under the current space that connects your rafters, the ceiling, and the walls. This design saves floor space. As Rafter Shelves may be a more difficult to reach area, they are recommended for materials that you no longer reference often but do not want to discard. Increase the space between the horizontal shelf and the rafter to create the perfect place for artwork and sculptures.

A book shelf built into the rafters.

There are many more ideas for creative bookshelves. For any design that you chose, Schutte Lumber can provide you with the tools that your need to turn  your office or study into a masterpiece.

Source and Images: weburbanist.com