Make Sure You're Using the Proper Wood

Picking out wood for your building or renovation project can seem confusing considering that there are close to 100 varieties of wood you can find in many stores. However, you likely won’t need more than a few different types – the most commonly used ones. Depending on your project, picking out the right type of wood shouldn’t be so difficult if you use these tips.

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    Think about durability. Soft woods like poplar, pine and knotty alder can look great but don’t take much abuse without denting. Hard woods like walnut, hickory and maple can take more sustained use.

  • Decide on your finish. If you’re painting the wood you’ll need something with a closed grain. Poplar, soft maple and oak are ideal for painting, especially for furniture pieces.
  • Consider color change. Woods like poplar, oak and cherry will change color quickly if they spend time in in the sun. While that isn’t always bad, it may not be what you desire. Woods like alder, pine and walnut won’t experience as much color change.

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