Does This Project Need Nails or Screws? A Helpful Guide

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With so many types and sizes of both nails and screws on the market today it can be difficult to know what is needed or required for the project at hand. It also seems that everyone, professionals included, can also have opposing opinions, no matter what the project.

Things like, “Screws aren’t as sturdy as nails. Nails may be harder to remove than screws. Screws can be controlled better than nails when being removed”, all seem to be up for discussion. A few things that everyone does seem to agree on are:

  •  nails are good for sheer strength
  •  screws are good for pulling strength
  •  a nail will adjust as the force on it changes, where a screw will not
  •  screws won’t split wood as a nail will
  •  structures and framing codes almost always require nails

Here at our Kansas City lumberyard, we suggest you first make sure of what the requirements are that the building codes specify, if applicable. If  there are no specific requirements, then it’s your call. Do your research and see what has worked for others that have completed that particular project.