Matching Wood Grain and Pattern

The best furniture and architectural details often have matching wood grain or pattern. The process takes more time and skill, but the result is well worth it. Here are some examples of excellent work with matching wood patterns:


  • Book matching is seen in this chest, where veneer leafs mirror each other across the seam, like pages of a book. According to the source, Old Plank Road,  this is burled walnut chest of drawers dates from the late 19th century.
Image via Old Plank Road


  • Slip matching veneers show the same face side repeating in the same direction.
slip matching
Timber Veneer Association of Australia


  • Complex patterns, such as the chevron pattern of this  William Switzer Zebrawood buffet, are quite labor intensive and can result in wasted scraps of wood. But the results can certainly be stunning.
pattern matching
Image via William Switzer.


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