Protect & Maintain your wood deck with Penofin Products

You built that gorgeous wood deck; now how do you protect it and maintain it so it stays beautiful for years to come?  The secret is the wood preparation and staining process.  Screw down any loose boards or replace broken boards. Inspect your railings to make sure that nothing has come loose over the winter that will impact the safety of your deck. Don’t forget to also check the substructure for any damage that could threaten the integrity of the deck. Once the deck structure has been repaired it is time to prep for stain. Decks must be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and stains. Strip old stains from your deck if changing colors or brands. If the wood has grayed out it can be brightened to its original appearance using Pro-Tech Brightener. Once the wood is completely cleaned, brightened, and dried it is time to apply the stain. Here at Schutte Lumber Company we believe in the Penofin line of products to care for your deck. This made in America product is top of the line when it comes quality, durability and ease of maintenance.  Our friends at Penofin have put together this video on applying their stain.


How To Apply Penofin Hardwood Stain from Penofin Wood Finish on Vimeo.

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