Schutte Lumber in the Kansas City Star

TGIF! In honor of the upcoming weekend, we wanted to share an article with you from the Kansas City Star in which Editorial Page columnist Lewis Diuguid describes his 10-day quest to restore the oak woodwork in his 84-year-old Northeast Kansas City home during his “vacation”.

Kansas City Star's Lewis Diuguid

On his blog, Diguid writes, “this massive home-improvement project is for all of those other urban pioneers out there needing an outlet where others can hear and appreciate your screams from chemical burns, near misses with hand or power tools and general frustration with the heat, humidity and daunting tasks that no one sane person should ever undertake.”

The editor-turned-remodeler bought red oak from where else, but Schutte Lumber. To read more about his trials and tribulations, check out “Stripping: Far Too Late to Turn Back“.