Storage Tips to Keep Your Tools Safe and Organized

One of the most important steps in making sure your workshop is safe and functional is the way in which you organize your workshop. The following are a few tips for storing your tools to make them easily accessible:

  • tips for storing tools
    Source: Flickr

    French-fitting storage – There are a lot of advantages to using a French-fitting system. First of all, it’s an easy to way to make sure all your tools are accounted for and nothing is misplaced. Secondly, all of your tools will be well-protected, from the sharp edges to the handles and bodies of your tools.

  • Tool chest – A tool chest is a more traditional option. French-fitting storage takes up way more space, which means you can save space with a tool chest. It doesn’t take as much planning and provides more flexibility in how you store your tools as well. Use a rack to store edge tools and open trays for your other tools.

You can also store your tools on or in your work bench, but this often causes interference with your woodworking chores. Consider French-fitting storage or a tool chest to store your tools safely. Contact Schutte Lumber today for additional tips on how to organize your workshop.