Store Your Excess Wood for Easy Access Later

When you’re working on wood projects, odds are you end up with some scrap wood once you finish. Knowing how to store your scrap wood properly is important – it should be easily accessible when you need it for other projects.

working with wood in Kansas City
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Storing scrap wood, wood off-cuts and salvaged wood, can be a difficult task. These wood pieces are always different sizes and shapes, which means custom made shelves or racks may not fit what you have. Many people opt to just pile their scrap wood in the back of their shed, but this can lead to clutter and makes it more difficult to find what you need. If you have roof space, consider storing longer pieces here and storing your smaller pieces in tubs. Just be sure to take the time to sort through your wood scraps and get rid of smaller, less usable pieces to make room for better wood leftovers. We recommend not saving all of your wood scraps either. Have a size and shape limit on what you save and what you toss to avoid clutter.

Use these tips to store your leftover wood. For additional tips on working with wood in Kansas City, contact Schutte Lumber.