Stunning Walnut Hardwoods

Image by Fred R. Conrad of The New York Times

Hardwood floors are valued for their aesthetic value as well as their tendency to add resale value to homes. Schutte Lumber carries a selection of durable, versatile Walnut hardwoods.

Hearty History Walnut trees are rather competitive plants! They are one of the few plants whose roots expel a toxic chemical that kills surrounding plants, eliminating competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight. Walnut trees are planted commercially and harvested naturally.

Properties Walnut wood comes in two color varieties. The newest formations on walnut trees are lighter than their predecessors. Sapwood is often cream-colored, in contrast to the rich chocolate of heartwood. Its grain is usually straight with rare occurrences of waves and curls.

Flooring For hardwoods, walnut is often steamed, a process which darkens sapwoods and brings the boards into a more consistent color range. Walnut hardwoods are durable and have a naturally course texture that attributes to its moderate sheen.

Source: www.hardwoodinfo.com

Image Source: NYTimes, Home and Garden