Take Your Spring Garden to the Next Level With Wood Flower Beds

Spring weather is coming back, prompting us to head outside and enjoy the warm sunlight.  Now, before the heat of summer gets to Kansas City, is the perfect time to start outdoor projects like gardening and woodworking. If you enjoy both hobbies, you can combine them by making your own garden beds out of wood.

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    Decide on the size you want your flower beds to be. A standard 4-foot by 8-foot box will likely work, but if you want multiple beds and don’t have room, you might want to create two smaller boxes instead.

  • Pick the right material for your flower beds. In many cases, juniper is the best choice for making your own flower beds. It’s durable and will last in your garden.
  • Choose the area where you’re going to be putting your flower beds. You’ll need to measure and place string where the beds will go to keep them straight. You’ll also need to level the dirt in the area with a shovel.

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