We Offer Quality Mill Services to Kansas City Area

schutte-lumberSchutte Lumber Company has had its roots firmly planted as the leading Kansas City lumberyard to offer mill services since 1880. With over 160 years of experience, we are confident in the quality of our services.

Rough Timbers
Rough timbers provide access to a variety of interests in both domestic and specialty woods. We can resaw rough lumber to any custom size and resurface it to any level, including the smoothest wood, which is termed S4S, surfaced on 4 sides.

Arches & Brackets
Our mill is capable of providing any style of arches and brackets to suit your architectural needs. You may view a sampling of popular stock profiles.

Moulding & Siding
You have at your fingertips over 1,500 custom interior and exterior decorative trim moulding and siding styles from which to choose. Our patterns can be applied to both hardwood and softwood.

Heat Forming
If you are in the market for the perfect low maintenance interior or exterior trim product, we can create heat formed custom arches, ellipses, and circles.

Glue-Up Panels
We can create a variety of projects from butcher blocks to custom tabletops, so unleash your imagination and let us help you find a solution to whatever woodworking project is on your mind.

Contact our sales associates at Schutte Lumber for more information about our services and inventory.