The Inspiring Story of One Colorado Woodworker

As a third-generation master woodworker, Samuel Gonzalez has found great success in something he truly loves. As a recent article in The Aspen Times accounts, Samuel sees woodworking as more than a craft.

“It has to come from you,” he said. “We do it because we have this calling to work with wood. We see figures in wood like other people see figures in the clouds.”

Samuel’s business The Gonzalez Tradition has become famous for producing some of the finest staircase rails, cabinetry, entry doors, furniture and mantelpieces in Aspen’s most magnificent mansions. Every single piece Samuel carves is custom designed with Colorado flora, fauna, wildlife and mountain depictions. He told The Aspen Times that among his favorite woods to work with are mahogany, dark walnut, Spanish cedar and exotic woods.

“Every wood has got its own personality,” he said.

Thanks to his passion for wood and carving, Samuel has achieved the American dream as a Latino immigrant. His woodworking business put his sons through college, and they are now successful doctors, dentists and architects. Read more about Samuel’s incredibly inspiring profession and passion in The Aspen Times article online.


Photo by Scott Condon via The Aspen Times