Tips for Building a Wood Dog House

woodworking projects
Source: Flickr

Though plastic pre-made dog houses are easily found, there is something timelessly endearing about building your own dog house from scratch.  The time and work you put into the house will leave you with something to be truly proud of, and give you a unique shelter for your dog.  If you build the doghouse with family members, it is also a wonderful bonding experience.

Here are three basic details to take into consideration:

  • Size matters – For dogs it should be cozy, not expansive. The general rule is enough room to stand, turn around, and lay down.
  • Design – If you have the knowledge of how to set out the plans for a dog house, then take the time to create your custom design yourself. Otherwise, there are a number of resources that provide the design plans or you can even work with an architect if you so desire.
  • Scratch or Kit – Pampered pooches everywhere have owners that can purchase a complete kit which includes all the necessities to build their dog house, or you can visit our Kansas City lumberyard and hand select your materials.

It will be our pleasure here at Schutte Lumber to help you through all the stages of conception and building your dog house.