Tips for Staining Your Deck After a Summer of Use

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Your deck likely gets a ton of use during the summer months, and once fall arrives, it may need some maintenance and a new coat of stain. Follow these basic tips to prepare your deck for staining.

Before You Start

Before staining your deck, you need to take everything off and move it out of your workspace. Sweep the deck to remove all debris, including leaves and anything that may have fallen on it.

Clean your deck with a deck detergent, which is available from most hardware stores on online. Choose one that is appropriate for your deck material.

Examine Your Deck

Once the surface of the deck is dry, examine the wood and see if any structural changes need to be made like fixing a loose board. You’ll need to make any basic repairs before moving on. If not, give it a light sanding with a fine-grit sandpaper cleaning to smooth the surface.

Plan Properly

Choose a weekend where it won’t rain to stain your deck. About a day before you begin, test a small portion of the wood in direct sunlight.

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